Saturday, 20 September 2008

bear with me
the life of this fictional desi is in turmoil
a dissertation that won't finish
a country that won't warm up
a bank account that won't fill itself
will be back
deadline is the 25th

Friday, 12 September 2008

The Circle Grows Bigger

The Mister and I lay awake in bed for 3 hours last night, talking. One of those its-only-3am-and-I’m-not-used-to-sleeping-before-5 nights.

I said, making a circle with my left index finger and thumb (like when you say Excellent), this is me.
And this, I said, making a loop with my right hand and covering the first loop almost completely, is you.

Now if I was to let a third person into my life (in a big way), I say, he would have to either take you and me and all our baggage with him

Or, you would have to move out enough to let that new person in.

So how does that work? Do we want that? I don't think I do. I like us.

He looked at my hands folded in two interlocking circles and said
The circle grows bigger.

The circle grows bigger.

What a simple and liberating thought that seemed to me. That we can grow and expand to include more people in our lives. I had forgotten that for so long! In this complete and absorbing (and totally fulfiling) relationship that we have developed, it stopped occurring to me that there is room for other people.

So this is my reminder: the circle grows bigger. There is always space for more people in our lives. So smile at the passenger next to you and ask the grocer how his day was. Make the circle grow.