Monday, 25 August 2008

A Day in Three Parts

The House of The Sage

A bedroom above a bar
A yellow soccer shirt thrown in a bundle over the couch
A laptop left on, Warcraft on pause
A silver bar blade on the study desk
A bottle of D&G aftershave near the door
A table top adorned with vodka bottles and bartending accessories
A gym bag open and messily packed
Three pairs of jeans on the floor
Chicken bones in the dustbin
A view of the river, twinkling lights

The surprises it held

A mugging in the morning
A little argument
A big apology
Too much sushi
Writing to the rhythm of a whirring fan
A bed sheet for a leg warmer
Memories of a violent movie
A glass full of lemon concentrate
A bucket full of vodka
A dream that made me giggle
Too many hot and spicy chicken wings
A FAT MONDAYS poster on the wall

The story of a girl

She walked in
Everyone watched her while pretending to
Clear the counter
Pick up a fallen pencil
Look for the car keys
Order a ham n cheese

You want some coffee, sweetie
He asks her

He makes space next to him

Is she his girlfriend?
He kissed her forehead did you see?
And they're holding hands.
Does Claire know?
Why her? She's not even pretty.
Claire was hot.

Yes, please, she says
Cappuccino would be great

His hand rests comfortably on her thigh

Are those torn pants she's wearing?
Christian said she's staying in his room.
Look at the way he looks at her.
I don't think she's shaved her legs properly.
I like her pink bra, though.


He leans closer to her

Do you think she likes him too?
Must be. Look at them.
He took her shopping yesterday.
I heard he paid for a lot of it too.
And when he had work, Big Ben took care of her.

Yes, one spoon please.

She smiles back
Hand on his back

She's so quiet, she's a bit odd.
Last time she was here he kissed her.
He doesn't really fit into his circle
You know, with us.
He's so protective of her.
Look at them laughing.
Not enough for someone like him, don't you think?

Thank you.
The coffee looks perfect.


Mira's mom said...

Hey, very beautifully written and a very interesting blog!Will come back to see how life changes from where you stand :-)

Fictional Desi said...


Al Walling said...


small_town girl said...

and thats what i call a day!!

and who is d guy??

is he a story to tell too??

Fictional Desi said...

thanks. lol

the guy, well, yes, he's a story. a major story. lol. i'm meeting him in 2 days time so you'll meet him soon

Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

I hope you know you have a fan now. I wait with bated breath for your stories and perspectives on life, the world and even chewing gum!

Write and prosper!

Fictional Desi said...