Saturday, 30 August 2008

Things on my softboard

My soft board is on the wall to the right of my front door. It's full of odd bits and pieces from the past year pinned randomly, often over lapping.

Itinerary from my trip to Home Base I two months back

Massage treatment dates and rates at Neal's Yard Remedies (I go there on Sundays when it's half price)

Wrappers from the set of gorgeous pastels I got from CS on my last birthday

A note from MA (also my ex flatmate) saying you better meet me when I get back in September or else...

A rubber glove- the thin pale yellow ones- stapled to a sheet of lined paper with its fingers folded and stapled at the centre leaving only the middle finger upright: a fuck you glove from Max taped to my door the day I got back from my weekend trip with Ex BF 1.

An index card with a note written by LH, my ex-flatmate that reads: thank you for always managing to be the voice of reason in this flat (altho I very much doubt this observation)

A 6 * 6 inch 2008 calendar page

Take away menu for China Express

A photograph of Max and me hammered at her last birthday, taken and pinned to the board by The Sage

A strip of paper, crayoned bright pink, that says breathe in, breathe out- a small reminder for that flaring temper.

A collage of the word YES

A phototograph of a beautiful child dancing, taken on my trip to Kenya

A photograph of The Sage, Max, me and my then boyfriend taken on a white water rafting trip in Nepal (I fell in about 3 times every 2 hours. And max took her foundation and lip gloss with her!)

What's on your soft board (or wall or desktop. Where ever the quirkiest of your possessions accumulate. Where ever there's a space that's meant to be functional but soon piles up with all the other stuff you love to see every day)


Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

What I loved about this post is that it told me so much about the unusual, quirky, wonderful person that you are. How much more interesting you've become in my eyes, FD!

Wonderful post! Thanks for sharing...

D said...

There are sea shells I picked off the Green Island coast in Australia, brand new buttons that come with new shirts, a list of all the contacts and their numbers on my cell phone that my husband once copied for me because my cell phone had to go for repairing, medical prescriptions from the doc, tassles that came off a cushion cover, a silver key chain I never used because it had to many bells... you want to know more?

Fictional Desi said...


you have a most interesting collection of things! i love when the mundane but useful and quirky-and-totally-purposeless stuff gets smushed in

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